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June 21, 2009

BitFontMaker – Create Bitmap Fonts

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BitFontMaker0.1 is a system that can make bit-mapped font. If the character is edited on a browser, and the font making button is pushed, the true type font that can be used with win/OSX can be downloaded.

Operation conditions:

1. Windows : Internet Explorer 6.0+ / Netscape 7.0+ / Firefox 1.0+
2. OSX : Netscape 7.0+ / Firefox 1.0+
3. Font: Environment for which TTF font can be used

How to Use?

It enters the state of the pure white if the main screen is opened. (attention of font under making disappearing when it is reload)

Font making procedure:

1. The character to be edited is selected from the Glyphs Map.
2. In the edit display under the left of the screen, and the character are edited with the mouse.
3. The full text character is made repeating procedure 1-2. Please do not draw anything in the first space (blank) most.
4. Please put the character in the text box of right "TestDrive" and push the "DRAW" button when it wants to see the balance of the character on the way and it becomes it.
5. When work is interrupted on the way, the save of the font under the edit can be done.
6. The font that can be preserved in a browser is only one. Moreover, it is likely to disappear regularly because Cookie is used. Therefore, it is possible ..external writing about data to read.

Various buttons for use :

1. Movement button(four directions): It moves in the direction of the arrow by one dot.
2. Copy button: The character under the edit is internally copied.
3. Paste button: The paste does the content of the copy to the character under the edit.
4. Clear button: The character under the edit is made pure-white.
5. Preservation button: The font is preserved in a browser.
6. Reading button: The preserved font is loaded. The font under the edit disappears.
7. Data book putting out/reading button.

It is likely to improve it by using TTedit when the font made with Bitfontmaker0.1 doesn’t operate well when correcting it.


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