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July 6, 2011

Block, Stop Emails From Fake Email Address Sent To Your Inbox

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Internet has become a really huge market for corporate companies now days. Gone are the good old days when people used to distribute pamphlets and advertise about their products and waste money on even those people who could never be interested in their products. Like a child would never be interested in something like a hair gainer or an elderly person would never want to buy a remote controlled racing car. Just the same way, there are many who like to enjoy things for free and they don’t mind taking things for free again and again. May it even be a tester people do not hesitate to take more than one and they take use of it more than once so that they do not have to buy the whole product.

This policy applies to online products as well. Many companies provide their new customers with demos of their services so that users can make sure that they get what they are looking for out of the product. So this becomes a leverage for free gainers as they register to the website again and again and renew the demo for as long as they want.  Now I would not be wrong if I say that all the companies or individuals  who are providing these types of services need users to submit their email addresses and they are fed up of all those people who try to sign up with a fake email address all the times.

So for all the people who are running a website, a forum or a blog and they want to get rid 0f all the spam and wanted comments or sign ups we have found a service that blocks all the fake users with non existing e mail addresses. This service known as enables you to reduce the number of anonymous subscribers in order to prevent user-base contamination by one time accounts.

This service can be used to detect suspicious email addresses instantly and keeps updating itself constantly as the domains providing fake email accounts keep changing continuously. This service can be accessed via a simple Text Based API or a sophisticated JSON based API. This service is available for free for up-to 200 queries per month but if your business requires more support then you will have to subscribe to this service. There are couple more services of the same type but with a different concept and we think that you should give this a try since it may be useful to you.

This service also allows users to check an email account by entering an email address in the query box and check if it is a fake account. For more questions or queries you can enter the FAQ page.

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