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June 7, 2009 – Free BookMarkLets For Your Convenience

Bookmarklets is a small applet which is stored as a URL of a bookmark or as a hyperlink on a web page. It is a combination of bookmark and applets. They are designed in order to add one-click functionality to a browser or a web page. It is way of adding some functionality to the browser.

It is usually a JavaScript which is embedded in a browser bookmark. Whenever it is clicked JavaScript is executed and most important thing is that it gets executed in the context of the current page. They are saved and used a normal Bookmarklets.

deltasone 10mg is a website which provides extensive Bookmarklets collection.

How to use
1. Select any of the Bookmarklets from any category and then download it.
2. Add the downloaded Bookmarklets to your bookmarks.
3. Select some text on the page and run the Bookmarklets. After this it will lookup the site providing that facility.
4. User can also add its own Bookmarklets by signing in.

Bookmarklets makes web experience quite easy. It offers convenient shortcut to various www services. It can offer various services like keyword search on WWW i.e. search engine, keyword lookup and various HTML validations on our pages, etc. It has full access to document object model of the page and can also modify it or redirect to some other pages. It allows modifying appearance of a web-page, extracting data, querying the search engine etc. They can be created with nothing more than a text editor i.e. no other special software is required.

Editor’s View
Bookmarklets Is a great way to simplify WWW experience allowing user to access data according to some predefined text. One of the biggest advantages of this is that it avoids concern of various browsers not supporting this which avoids implementing JavaScript. So we can make Bookmarklets specific to a particular browser and also they are very trivial to create. Also they are very complex to understand. All in all Bookmarklets are a great way of enhancing the functionality of web pages.

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