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March 3, 2010 – Kids Should Have Fun While They Learn

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We all need to change and adapt ourselves to the changing demands of human life from time to time. Children’s basic primary education and the way its imparted to them at schools is matter of great concern now-a-days. Lets get rid of the traditional and boring blackboard-copy-pen method to impart the basic Math And English skills that has been drowning of all the fun from our kids’ childhood since ages, lets give way to BrainNook – the world’s first age-appropriate, educational, virtual world for children.

This on-line tool makes practice fun through enjoyable, syllabus-based games based on Mathematics and English Grammar, embedded within colorful virtual worlds.

The games are appropriate to each child’s age, offer diverse gameplay, and are based on topics in Mathematics and English Grammar. Children take on the role of an alien exploring the Earth and collecting stars in order to repair his spaceship. Children earn stars by traveling through virtual worlds and playing games. The worlds are based on different regions of the globe, increasing children’s curiosity about our planet and engrossing them in the story.

How It Helps Students And Schools?

  • Improves student engagement: Children are attracted by the colourful games, and will pay more attention in class in order to get a higher score in each game session.
  • Improves student retention: Research has consistently shown that children learn better in a multi-sensory environment that challenges and excites them.
  • Helps schools to stand out from the rest: Parents are generally excited to hear about new and innovative teaching methods adopted by their children’s school.
  • Allows management to gauge their teachers’ comfort with technology: Management can easily see which teachers are effectively using BrainNook through automatically-generated usage reports. The reports will show management how often, and for how long, BrainNook has been used in each class.

Its a wonderful Math and  English skills providing tool for our school going kids. Must be used both at schools by teachers as well as privately in homes by the parents.

Our rating 4.5 / 5 | Visit


BrainNook @ School is the first syllabus-based, educational game software for schools. It is a unique revision, practice and testing software that increases engagement and retention among students.

How Is useful?

BrainNook @ School makes practice fun by allowing students to strengthen concepts from the critical subjects of Maths and English Grammar while playing innovative, interactive games.

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