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March 9, 2011

A Community To Deal With Viruses

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Ever since computers have been developed, bugs or more commonly called ‘Virus’ have been the obstruction. Viruses not only obstruct the smooth functioning of a machine but even harm the useful softwares installed in the machine. To counter these viruses, certain AntiVirus have also been developed which identify and delete these virtually deadly files.

The battle between Virus and AntiVirus is being fought for a long time now. New viruses develop every now and then and to counter them, modifications/updates are needed to be done in the existing AntiViruses. It is high time that in this age of social communication, something dedicated to AntiVirus was developed. So here we introduce you to an online portal totally dedicated to the types and ‘How to Remove Virus’ called connects people from around the world and takes their experiences for developing an AntiVirus software. Users discuss and write the names of viruses that have troubled them the most. Other users provide tips and tricks (that is, removal instructions) to delete the virus or SocialAV will build AntiVirus with those removal instructions which can be downloaded by all users. Besides this, users can also vote different AVs build and choose the one which was most helpful for them, as a result future users will get an idea about the best AV available. Users can also add screenshots and comments for better comprehension.

How To Start?

First, users have to register at It’s easy and free. Just type in your username, password and e-mail ID.

Once registration is done, you are ready to use the web services after signing-in (Users can also sign-in with their Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo! IDs).

To start, you can search the list of already listed viruses. If you find the name of the same virus that has been troubling you, good enough, if you don’t, type in the name of that virus by clicking on ‘Add Virus’. Once the name of the virus is added, other users may view the name of the virus and provide you with technical support.

We highly recommend use of SocialAV. It might help you to get out of the Virus mess.

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  1. i can able to fix my system with it!!! thanks fo r sharing this. SocialAV is really useful

    Comment by Kannan — March 17, 2011 @ 7:18 pm

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