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September 10, 2009 – Make Free Calculations Online

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Calcoolate is a web site that provides the web service of making calculations online. It provides users with a calculator online which is able to do all the calculations from the easiest to the most difficult ones like that of antilog very quickly and easily. All your calculations are done only on your computer. No calculation or conversion is sent to the servers.

The history of your calculations is stored on your computer using a cookie. No history is sent to the main servers. They do not identify individual users or computers, and do not track information on individual users or computers.

This site was developed with the following philosophy:

1. Software should not be installed: Everything should be web based. You can think of a few exceptions like 3D games, but the calculator is not one of them. They do offer to install this calculator instead of the windows calculator. They do not see this as really installing software, but rather as replacing installed software with web based software, which is within our philosophy.
2. Cool and intuitive software: Software should be easy to use, without a need for a manual. User interfaces should be cool, the cooler the better.

This calculator has many advantages and special features over the usual windows calculator and Google calculators like:

1. What’s the deal with drawing buttons for each digit on the screen when you have such buttons on the keyboard? So this special calculator doesn’t has a keyboard instead use the usual computer keyboard.
2. You cannot type into a number. If you forgot a digit, you have to erase all last digits and retype them again. But here you can easily go to the required digit and erase it easily. Try to type 12345, and then change to 19345 in normal and this calculator and see the difference.
3. You can perform just one operation at a time, no “complex” arithmetic like (2+3)*4. But here everything is possible. It is as user friendly as you can think.
4. Why is there no history of previous calculations? PCs come today with megabytes of memory, why limit to one? So here you can easily see through all your calculations as they are saved on your own systems.
5. It’s inconsistent. Try this: runs the windows calculator, Select View | Standard and type 1+2*3=. You should get 9 as the answer. Now change to View | Scientific, and type again 1+2*3=. This time you get 7. But no such problem prevails here
6. No unit conversions. Does your current calculator know how many feet are 100 meters? How many Fahrenheit is 32 Celsius? But here this feature is provided to help you when you are in need.


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