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May 18, 2012

Add Voice or Audio To PowerPoint Presentations

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We all know how powerful presentations can be in creating an impact. It is the most preferred mode worldwide to present the ideas to a larger audience. With a good mix of visuals and text, you can easily grab the attention of your listeners and share your thoughts the right way. However, times have changed and we live in global world where business gets done at the speed of thought. If you are living life out of suitcase, you will have faced this situation.  Sometimes, you have to make a tough choice of being present at one out of ten client locations as you cannot make yourself physically available at different places at the same time. You cannot even trust another of your team mate if too much is at stake. Here is a solution for you.

HelloSilde allows the users to type the text for the speech for every slide and it will automatically generate the audio is a very powerful voice. This makes your presentations effective, the right message gets conveyed from each slide the way you liken and in a chosen voice. All these presentations which are prepared on this online tool are easily editable and can be prepared in 20 different languages.


July 26, 2011

Automatically Sync Your Music Collection Across Your Smartphone, PC/Mac, Or Other Connected Devices

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Music has got it own importance in a humans life, music can be used for entertainment and at the same time, Music can be a healer for broken hearts and depressed. Even when you see an ad on the television the first thing you notice is the jingle and the tune. If a tune is really impressing then you get interested in the product. So my basic reason to give you all these details and examples is to show you how important music is, in our lives and souls.


January 25, 2011

iPod Like Music Player Software For Any Phone With WiFi Sync Support

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Hearing the word Music Player automatically rings Apple products like Mac and iTunes in our head which have been unrivalled monarchs in the domain. Needless to say, they come with their own little share for problems, but are still considered the best and an obvious choice for buying. However, there is still enough room for the new innovative applications to thrive in the market and give customers a whole new and pioneering experience. One such application, creating a mark for itself is Instinctiv.


December 7, 2010

Cloud Based Music Library To Upload And Listen Music Anywhere For Free

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If music is your “food for thought” and rejuvenates your mind and soul, then having a personalized music library is nothing strange for you. Often, we have our music collection spread at hundred random places and find it really hard to bring it all together in a readily accessible state anytime and anywhere. Mougg is the rescue application for all the music lovers!!


April 24, 2010

Easiest Way to Share Music on Internet –

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Well, here is an easy way to share your favorite songs with your buddies over internet. Just type in the name of the song and there you go, share the links with your friends on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbir, StumbleUpon and even send an e-mail. is where you can enjoy all the services.  Just type in the name of the song in the search engine and you get a series of matching words. Play the song online (on itself) and see if it is the tune you are searching for and get the link. There is a huge variety of songs available on the web site (courtesy: “ridiculously diverse catalog of Grooveshark“, which is the parent site where you can listen to songs). (more…)

January 19, 2010 – Create Spotify Playlists Using iTunes Playlist

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Listify is a web application for all those people who love iTunes and still have a soft corner for Spotify. You can stop giving step-motherly treatment to either of these widely used soft wares with this application. Both Spotify and iTunes have their own set of advantages and this web application has come up with a deadly combination of two in the form of Listify. We all know that iTunes helps to create and manage playlists and easily export music into iPods and iPhones while Spotify gives legal access to millions of songs. This application turns iTunes playlists into Spotify playlists. Now, isn’t that a ‘win-win’ situation for the users?

How to create Spotify Playlist from iTunes Playlist?

  1. Go to your iTunes software.
  2. Export your playlist as simple plain text.
  3. Upload it to Listify and click “Submit”
  4. Listify will look for all those songs on Spotify.
  5. Copy and paste the songs and your Spotify playlist is ready.


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