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August 14, 2012

8 Top Rated Websites To Buy Books Via Internet In India

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Technology changes everything and it makes changes better and sleek, there was a time when we use to read those heavy books or novels from our favorite writer for whole night to know what happens at the end of the story. But now technology has changed it, you still read books but many of you might use iPads, Kindle Fire or other tablets or eBook readers.

These tablets allows you to carry lots of books at the same time so that you have access to several books without carrying that bulk. But there are still peoples who love to read book in old style means physical copy. If you are one those then you might have feel that when you went to buy books you have to search a lot and many times you have to visit lots of shops.

Well here are some online shops or retailer from where you can buy your favorite books and at best prices too :-


January 13, 2012

Easily Contact Any Local Business [US Only]

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In or day to day life we often need to contact some of our local business, most of the time we call them but calling them is not an easy task many times who wont be able to get connected and if you get connected then your call will land on waiting, another way to contact businesses is through there website, but some business has weird Contact Us page which is not easy to use.

So in total its not easy to contact them and if you are unable to contact your local business then your problem might not get solved, so what’s the easy way? TalkTo, it’s a free to use and easy to navigate web service which lets you contact any local business very easily and you will get fast replies for your query.

You can just text your query like you do to your friends and then you will get text reply very soon, using TalkTo you can contact any local business, yes any local business. You can ask questions, give feedback, can book hotels, book appointments and so on.


January 9, 2012

Exchange Unwanted Item With Needed Item

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There were time when people used to exchange their items for another items, this system is called Barter system, it was used before the evolution of money and 2 people who wants one another’s thing can get in contact and then exchange their goods.

But now as money is evolved we can buy goods with that, but still now there is a web site which allows you to meet those persons who are like you and wanna exchange their unwanted stuffs which they do not use any more or is not of use for them.

White Willy gives you a nice platform to you, which you can use to exchange your goods or items with others, you can swap your those items which you don’t need with those you are in need of. To swap your product you need to do is just post your item on the web site.


December 19, 2011

Make QR Codes For Your Business

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A QR Code is a type of matrix barcode, The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be made up of any kind of data, it is used to provide information regarding the products by manufacturers, you just need to put your smartphone above the QR code and scan it and then all information which is present in that code will be shown on your phone.

Nowadays no one has so much time that they read about your company or product on newspaper or magazine, but industries are making QR codes which any one can scans and see information on its phone while on the move.

If you too wanna promote your product or organizing and promotional campaign for your product then you must wanna generate a QR code for your product so that you can use it on your banners or posters and any one who is interested in your company or product can scan it with his smartphone and get all information.


November 3, 2011

Ask Travellers To Buy And Bring Stuffs For You

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Many times we order some stuffs which are not available in our country or available in a very high cost and we wont be able to buy it and think if some of our relative is coming from foreign country then we can ask them to get that product for us and we will pay him once we get our stuff.

This scenario is not applicable all time some time we found some of our relative or friend and many times we wont, so what to do?, if you too want some product from foreign country then you can use Bistip, an peer to peer site which allows you to ask some of the travellers who is going to visit foreign country in near future and can carry your product when retuning back.

Bistip connects travellers and the person who need stuffs from those places which they are going to visit.Those who need items are called item lookers and they have to place order on the site with the description of item and cost they are willing to pay, and you can also offer tip to traveller regarding the item.


October 21, 2011

How To Design Custom Facebook Fan Page For Your Business?

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If you own a company then you must know Facebook is a very effective way to get connected with customers, every organizations creates its Fan page so that its user or customers get connected with them and receive latest updates or news from company.

To attract more users you must create a nice and decent Facebook Fan page so that more and more users come to your page, PageModo is a nice Facebook application which allows you to design your Fan page and present it in a nice layout.

PageModo allows you to design Tabs of your Facebook Fan Page which you can use as Landing page, means the tab which a user see when he/she visit your Fan Page, and the great thing is that you don’t have to get knowledge of HTML or like.


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