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August 24, 2012

Take Music Lessons On Internet

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If music rejuvenates your mind, awakens your soul and soothes your nerves, then learning music can add one more dimension to your personality. Many of us have always wanted to enrol in a music school but somehow postponed it for several reasons like lack of time, unavailability of good music teachers in vicinity, unaffordable fees to list a few.

YourMusicMuse is your online music school which offers online lessons from the best musicians at a very nominal subscription fees. You can learn to play a host of instruments at your convenient time and pace and at the luxury of your home. Currently, the website offers lessons for these instruments: Drum, Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet and Trombone.



August 23, 2012

Learn Complex Concepts With Fun And Easy Animations And Videos

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‘Seeing is believing’!!

We all have movies, dialogues and songs so clearly etched in our minds. However same thing does not apply to the boring concepts like RFID, Schizophrenia and Cloud Computing. Reading fat encyclopaedias and listening to monologues from poker faced lecturers makes anyone yawn. We will find a hundred ways to avoid learning on any given day if it is going to be so deadpan boring.

To break the monotony of usual explanations, a start–up ‘explania’ has come up with something, which in simple words is ‘creativity at its best’. All the concepts have been explained with such wonderful videos and animations that you will be left spell bound. You will remember your fundamentals for a lifetime as the creators have done a very neat job in preparing them.


July 10, 2012

Free Online Visual Dictionary With Synonymous

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Many times while working we found some words or phrase which are unfamiliar to use or we cant remember their meaning, in that case we might take out our dictionary from the Book shelf and look for the meaning, well it was the case of old days, now we can just use Google to find the meaning of any words.

If you are bored with using Google and want some more interesting search engine or dictionary which could not only teach you but have some fun over there too then you can use VisuWord, its an online Visual Dictionary.


May 3, 2012

Quick And Easy Tutorials To Learn Fun Things On Weekends

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Many times we get holiday of 2-3 days like you get holiday of 2 days on your weekend or sometime due to some event or government holiday you get holiday of Friday Or Monday which will extend your weekend to 3-4 days, many time we don’t have plans for our weekends and they end up by just wasting time.

But in place of wasting your time you can learn so many things like dancing, singing, cooking, skating, wall climbing, shooting, and so on, there are so many things to do and you can go with any of it. If you wanna do learn new things then OyeWeekEnd is the site for you.


March 3, 2012

Alphabetimals Teach Alphabets To Kids With Cool Animal Symbols Online For Free

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The journey of education for children begins with basic alphabets. Teaching alphabets to the kids should not be made stressful and boring. Their learning curve will be very steep if lessons are given in a way that they just love it. Here is a website which makes the life of teachers and parents easier with beautiful technique of teaching alphabets.

Alphabetimals serves the dual purpose of making your little angel learn both alphabets as well as animals. That also explains the name of the website which is derived from alphabet-mals(animals). Every alphabet has been associated with an animal with funny illustrations and graphics to hold the attention of your child. Not only that, you also have an option to listen to the sound of that animal. This makes it even more interactive.


February 18, 2012

Top 5 Websites To Help You Find Educational Scholarships in United States (US)

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An age-old quote says, “Only the educated are free”. Education gives us the wings to fly and a free spirit to explore and innovate. If education is on top of your mind but you are appalled by the crunch of funds, we have something which will infuse new life in your dreams of getting the much-desired higher education. After several long hours of research, we have narrowed down five amazing websites which can help you get financial aid.

This website is a complete repository of financial aids and scholarships. The website services are completely free of cost and they are in this business since 1999. This adds a lot of credibility to the work they do. You can win scholarships and get recruited by the schools across US. They have a clear categorization of scholarships based on grade level, state you are residing in, sports based scholarships to name a few. As per the statistics gathered from website, their Scholarship Search allows you to search more than 2.7 million college scholarships and grants worth more than $19 billion!! There is something even for counsellors, college admission staff and advisers. It is definitely worth a check.


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