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August 22, 2012

Receive Email Alerts, Facebook Notifications and Twitter Updates On Phone

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We all have at least one email ID, or many of us use different email IDs for different purpose like one for friends, one for family member and one for office use, same thing is done with social network accounts. But sometimes we may not be able to login to our account and check for latest mails which is send by your boss, anything happening on your social networking sites.

In that case you also wont be able to make updates to your social networking sites or send/ reply/ or forward mails if you wont have access to your computer or a at least GPRS enable phone.


August 17, 2012

Record Phone Conversations On iPhone

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The whole world is just a phone call away. Many important discussions, business decisions and negotiations happen over calls which given a choice, we would like to document for future reference. Recording phone calls can sometimes create a backup of information for us to go back to in case of any untoward situation. Writing minutes of meeting and emails can be extremely cumbersome and time consuming.  An application which can record all your important phone conversations can indeed be a life saviour in turbulent times.

GetPhoneTap is an iPhone based application which allows the users to record the ‘outgoing’ calls directly from the phone without any additional help in the form of hardware or equipment. This application is easily available in any iPhone App Store. It has a simple and straight forward installation and then you are good to go with this application.


August 3, 2012

How To Sync iTunes Music Library With Android Phone

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Android and Apple are ruling the market. While they make lock horns and try to outsmart each other, third party vendors are increasingly trying to bind them together. If iTunes is what serves your daily dose of good music, and Android phone is what makes you smart, then here is an application to save you from the shuttling between the two.

Airbind is a free application which helps the users to synchronize their iTunes library to your smart phone which runs on Android OS over a wi-fi connection. All you need to do is to go to the website of Airbind, download the client in your computer. Launch Airbind on your phone. The application will automatically locate your iTunes library and a single click will start the synchronization process.


July 5, 2012

Service To Replace Voicemail For Apple, Android And Blackberry Phones

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Many times we were out of the town or we just want not to be disturbed by anyone any turn off our phone or divert calls on our Voicemail so that we don’t miss any calls, and when we are free then can listen to those messages and call back to those callers.

But your carrier might charge you heavy price or they might not providing good options of features which you are looking for. Well YouMail is an nice web service which allows you to replace your old any worthless voicemail service.


June 14, 2012

Get Personalized Icon Based Keyboard On Android Phone

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Have you noticed all your friends have their distinct style of communicating and their trademark expressions which they take immense pride in? A simple ‘Hi’ which is intended to start the thread of communication is also expressed in myriad ways like ‘Hello, Howdy, Heya, Holla’! Communication has evolved and taken an entirely new informal and personalized shape with the sea of options available at our quick disposal.

Our phones are undoubtedly our constant companions and they are not just used for phone calls. Most of the smart phone users use it for a lot more reasons like chats and quick messages. Our application of the day just makes messaging so much more fun and easy. Siine is a recently launched artificially intelligent keyboard app for your touch screen smart phones. The icon-based touchscreen keyboard called ‘Siine Writer’ is currently available only for Android platform.


June 13, 2012

Know Your iOS Device Is Jailbreakable Or Not

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If you won a iDevice or iOS Device like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Apple TV then you must be aware of Jailbreak, by jailbreaking your iOS device you can install third party apps on your device like from Cydia, but many users were not aware whether their iOS device is jailbroakable or not.

Its very important to know whether your device is jailbroakable or not because if you try to jailbreak device which doesn’t support then you will only waste your time because at last you will find nothing so its better to know about your iOS device.


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