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November 14, 2011

How To Create Passport Size Photos Online For Free?

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The world is touching new possibilities each and every day. Every now and then we hear news about a new technology or gadget coming into the market.

There was a time when all the daily tasks that you can do online were done manually by standing in lines for hours. Now you can do the same thing in a few minutes if you have a computer and an online banking option.

So , the basic reason for me to show you all the progress that internet and the services provided on it, has done to a normal human beings life is because we all should know how important online services are to us.


September 21, 2011

Online 2D And 3D Photo Enhancement Service For Free

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Pictures are like storytellers; some grab attention and get registered in our minds for a very longtime while others just go unnoticed.  Living in a digital age and still having blurred images as your best memories is an unforgivable sin. If you want your best memories to be captured like never-before without the help of any professional photographer or a high-end super expensive camera or hard-to-comprehend Photoshop tools, then read on.


September 5, 2011

Automate Facebook Photo Sharing With People Who Are Not On Facebook

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Finally here is an online app that will be useful for many of us. Before introducing the app, I’ll give you an insight into the problem that many of us face. There are times when we want to share photos with our friends and family, so we upload them on Facebook, which connects all our friends and family. But, many people who are close to us are not on Facebook. How do we share photos with them? E-mailing is certainly not an option, Picassa is one alternative. (more…)

August 26, 2011

Free Online Photo Sharing Tool To Upload & Share Photos Instantly

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Are we getting into the new age of communication after telephone, internet, e-mal, chat messengers and now social networks? Well, most of you would agree with this question to a not so subtle ‘Yes’. Social networking has become the fastest way to communicate. Users can share photos, videos, updates and more within seconds. What more? Smartphones which are compatible with these social networking sites have made the way communication even more easy.


August 23, 2011

Manage, Upload Or Backup All Your Flickr Photos Easily

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Flickr is one of the most widely used image and video hosting website on the internet, lots of users upload their day to day pics on Flickr to store them or to share them with their friends or relatives, Flickr is also used by many Bloggers to upload their blogs images.

To manage or upload pics you need to open your browser and then launch Flickr website then login and the you can do your job, it’s a bit lengthy and time consuming process.

FlickrEdit is an easy to use desktop tool which allows you to mange all your pictures and sets on your flickr account very easily, This is an Java based tool which means it can be used on any platform which is Java supported like Windows, Linux based and Mac OS X and it uses flickrj framework to access Flickr.


July 5, 2011

Add GeoTag, Edit Photos, Videos In The Cloud With CloudATag

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If photos and videos form an integral part of your individuality and define your personality, then I am sure you already have a vast collection of it, so much so that, you are at times lost in that labyrinth. Here is an efficient, easy and the “super-hyped” cloud way of dealing with your videos and photos.

CloudATag is an online tool which will create a visual representation of the photos and videos in the form of tags in an expanding cloud. This will facilitate easy and quick management of your stuff. As a user, when you click on any tag all the related photos would get displayed. The website offers a lot of options like viewing the list of all the tags used by you and adding tags to you photos with names which are easy to recall.


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