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May 24, 2012

Send Web URL, Photo, Videos To Any Phone As SMS or Text

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Many of time we are visiting a web page and find a page which want to share with our friends, then what we do is simply share that page on any social networking site like Facebook, Twitter or on Google Plus, or if that page is little private then we can share it on email or IM chats.

But what if your friend want to view that page on mobile friendly device or even you could want to view the same page which you are surfing on your computer on your mobile phone then what to do? You could email that link and then open email on mobile phone and then open that link, is there a simple method? Yes.


January 26, 2012

Voicetap Lets You Connect With A Expert Via SMS To Solve Your Issue With Value Added Services

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Many times we are in a situation when we need to talk to someone to get an advice or to ask we should do in the given state of situation. Suppose you are doing a course say BBA, but you had interest in some other field or so on, then you might think what you should do after BBA, whether to go for MBA or should do another course.

In this situation you need a counseling or you can say you may want to talk with some expert who can guide you regarding your future. In this Voice Tap will help you in best way.

In Voice Tap, you will be able to talk with experts and get their opinion for you topic on the basis of which you can deice your future. To use Voice Tap all you need is an mobile phone, yes just a mobile phone, all Voice tap services are just a sms away from you.


You can not only ask your queries and get it solved but you can also sell something or if you had any knowledge and want to share it with others then also you can do it on Voice tap. In simple words you will be connected with the relevant persons on it.

You can use Mobile phone or Internet connection to get connected with experts on Voice Tap, You can use your phone to connect with the experts over Voice Tap and then once you are login to there system you will need to press keys on your phone and then some one from them will solve your queries.

At present this web service is free of cost and you will not be charged a single penny. Yes your sms standard rates will be applicable as per your service provider.

Voice Tap is currently focus on two key areas – Education and Business Development and work closely with leading telecom operators in India & Africa.

Visit Site :- Voice Tap

March 19, 2011

Find To Send Impressive Romantic SMS Text Messages

SMS is fast emerging as the new medium to convey messages. Today most of the youngsters like to use SMS text messages to convey there message to there friends and family and express love to there someone special. (more…)

February 18, 2011

An Online Service For Sending Anonymous Free SMS From Computer Browser To Mobile Phone

You must have heard about anonymous or fake email websites, which helps you to send anonymous email to someone or websites which allows you to send anonymous text message online to mobile phones. But today I am showcasing you an online service which is one of the most popular service for sending free SMS anonymously.


November 30, 2010

Register For IRCTC SMS Alert Service For Train Enquiry

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Indian railways are the lifeline of transportation in India. At the same time, it is not an uncommon fact that trains are often delayed or running late. But what do we expect when lakhs of people travel in trains everyday. There are times when trains get delayed by as much as 6-7 hours. There are also times when our ticket is not confirmed and we need to check online again and again, which can become quite irritating some times.

So, for very problem there is a solution. Certain web developers have come up with a unique set of SMS services which would automatically check train timings online and notify you the changes via SMS, if any. Moreover, the SMS would also keep a check on the status of your ticket (PNR status, in case of an unconfirmed ticket), as soon as it gets confirmed, a notification will be sent to you via SMS.


November 9, 2010

Send Advertisement Free SMS

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Bulk SMS sending is a popular phenomenon, especially when we need to create awareness about an event, spread a cause and/or send wishes to our loved ones on festivals. But sending bulk SMS can be barred by service providers, especially on occasions (usually festivals) when traffic is huge, and they want to cash-in on the huge amount of SMS each user sends. So, this is where various SMS sending web sites come handy. is another web site which allows its users to send free SMS to anyone, anywhere at any time. There are other web sites too which allow sending of free SMS, but has other services to offer too. Some of its other services include; free support system for your web site (if you own one), SMS widget for your web site etc. SMS widget allows users (mainly company owners who have a web site) to send SMS with a company advertisement. (more…)

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