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July 22, 2011

Do Voice Chat Or Post Voice Message To Your Facebook Friends For Free

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We all use Facebook and do chat with our friends on it to stay connected with, chat is a nice feature which allows us to talk with our friends and to know them.

But I hate writing as it requires me to type my message by pressing keys on keyboard, it’s a time consuming and effortful job.

What if you don’t have to type your message and do a voice chat with your friends directly inside the Facebook interface, isn’t it sounds nice?


November 19, 2010

Record And Share Voice Messages Online For Free

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Sometimes, voice and not text makes all the difference. The intensity and sincerity exuded by voice has a deep and long lasting impact. We all have heard of voice recorders and voice mails on phones, but how many of us know about online voice recorder?

Vocaroo is a simple, no frills attached voice recorder which functions like an answering machine software. You can easily have short voice message which can be distributed over the internet. This is primarily useful for people, who are on a look out for internet based voice mail services, voice mailbox and voice mail call forwarding. There is answering machine software available to retrieve voice mail as well.


September 22, 2009 – Free Temporary Phone Number

Filed under: VOIP Services — Tags: , , — Girish @ 8:13 pm is a website that allows you to create temporary number for yourself which you can use till the time you want or you can set an automatic expiry period. No you don’t need to buy a new number! What this sites does is that it allots you a temporary number which you can give to persons whom you think will bug you and whenever they make a call on that number it will be directed to your original phone number in a normal way. The catch is that when you get bugged by these callers you can simply go to the site and deactivate that number or you can automatically set up a time period after which the number will get deactivated. Below are some of the other major features :

Features :

  1. The site provides you with a free anonymous phone number that directs the incoming calls to your actual phone number.
  2. It helps in preserving your privacy and at the same time gives you a mechanism through which you can prevent unwanted calls  and people to bug you such as the tele-marketers.
  3. The site claims not to give your personal information to any third party.
  4. The site does not charge any thing from you.
  5. The number allotted to you is unique and cannot be reused by anyone else.
  6. You can expire your number either manually by pressing the ‘0’ button or can select a time period after which the number will expire automatically.
  7. You can also reactivate your number if you want to.
  8. You can also access the voicemail feature.
  9. You can contact the support team whenever you have any doubts.


August 24, 2009 – Share Apps On The Apple Store With Short Easy URLs

Filed under: VOIP Services — Tags: , — Gagan @ 5:48 pm is run by a small team of people passionate about iPhone applications. The basic goal is to free your iPhone apps from the bondage and obscurity of iTunes. Admins were frustrated by how difficult it was to find new apps using iTunes and hence thought, "Let’s put the power of discovering and sharing these apps back in the hands of the people!". Thus basically, shortens iPhone App URL’s so you can share them across the web.

The basic manifesto of this service i.e. the three inalienable rights of an iPhone application are Freedom, Discovery, and The Pursuit of Promotion.

1. iPhone apps deserve to be Free, to roam the web and be discovered beyond the confines of iTunes.
2. All iPhone apps may not be created equal, but they all deserve an equal chance to be Discovered and shared.
3. The pursuit of Promotion: iPhone apps are happy when people know about them, and no one should stand in the way of an these apps pursuit of happiness.

Why use URLs? The answer can be described in a series of points showing its importance like:


July 10, 2009

Ring2Skype – Receive Free Calls On Skype From Phone

Ring2Skype is a web service that allows you to receive calls on your Skype from landline. It provides every registered user a unique number and a private extension to receive calls from landline. People can easily call on that number from anywhere in the world and also the registered can receive calls anywhere.

Usually people are not able to call their near and dear ones who have gone abroad or any other place in their country itself. So this service provide them with the opportunity to keep in touch with them and that too free of cost. Since Skype is easily available and frequently used, it reduces the effort required on part of the user to keep in contact with their friends, colleagues, families etc.

Steps of Procedure to use this Site

  1. Register yourself on the website using a valid Skype User Id.
  2. Get your unique online phone number and private extension.
  3. Login to your Skype account to start receiving calls.


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