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June 1, 2009 – Free Online Organiser For Photo’s Addresses, Documents and Links etc.

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Ccbetty is a web site that provides you with the web service of organizing your message and its contents—photos, addresses, documents, links—and create a mail space where everyone can track replies, view and add content. A mail space is a webpage created, and constantly updated, along-side your email conversation that makes it easier for everyone to view, follow, and discern all the messages and content in the conversation.

Email is our original social network, our to-do list, our means of collaboration, it’s where we get things done, and as a result is prone to clutter and confusion. CcBetty works as a personal email assistant to initiate and sort through emails and parse conversations, files, images, media, dates and places, in the spirit of saving time while collaborating and coordinating with groups of people. Just CcBetty and get what you really want to know out of email.

This service has been designed to enhance your existing email solution without a download! Just include in your initial outgoing mail message and it will start tracking your conversation and attachments. As long as is included in all correspondence, it will track it. Everyone included in the initial email will receive an email from Betty which provides them with web address of the CcBetty tracking page and informs them to continue to include in further group messages.

You can send messages with up to 100 recipients. Admin likes to increase this number in the future but they are also dedicated to protecting its users from potential spammers. You can post any type of file and Betty will store it on your Mail space. Also, this service is in Beta and provides up to 1 GB of space for personal use.

When using email and including you can send messages up to 20 megabytes (MB) in size, including attachments. When attaching messages at, you can send messages up to 100 megabytes (MB) in size, including attachments.

This is really a great service for those who work through email transfers. It can be a real help for all those professionals.


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