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December 4, 2010

Update Your Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and Friendster Profiles From One Place

Not so long ago we were living in denial that it’s not possible to interact with people sitting in the other part of the world instantly. This was before the internet got popularized. Today, we feel that it is not possible not to interact with people sitting in the other part of the world. These days, we are living under the shadows of social networking sites. There are loads of them all over the web. Each one has its own advantage over the other.

With all these options available to us, we choose the best one and yet we like to have profiles on most of them. Now, since we have profiles on most of them, we do like to keep ourselves updated. Isn’t it cumbersome to load each and every site and update our status again and again. Not to mention, status updates are the in-thing when it comes to social networking. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Friendster or any other site for that matter, it would surely be a hectic process, rather more a time consuming affair.

So what if we introduce you to an online service using which you can update your status at all the social sites? Wouldn’t that be just amazing? is a similar web service launched exclusively for this purpose. It enables registered members/users to update their status at all the major social networking sites. But there is a catch, not all of us can register. I will explain you how to register and why is there a constraint, a bit later in the article. First, as soon as you open the homepage, click on “Join Us” button, which is very clearly visible on the screen. The registration form page will be displayed, as shown below.


All details can be easily filled by the user. The constraint here is the Beta Code. Beta code is a certain code which is provided by them to all the registered users. Now what happens to all the new members who are willing to join? Well, you need to find a friend of yours who is already a member of and he/she will be having that beta code. Beta code once taken from friends, can be filled in and there you go, you can enjoy updating your status at one place and leave the rest to them.


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