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February 17, 2011

Chat And Connect With People From Same Geographical Location

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If you are sick of those cheesy, sugar coated and often over-the-top chats with random strangers across the globe, here is a whiff of fresh air for you. To strike an interesting conversation, the initial trigger point is some common ground, some similar hobby or interest which can bring two distinct people together.

It’s a known fact that people from the same geographical location share an uncanny comfort zone which would help them break the initial ice, shed inhibitions and open up to their true selves. If you also belong to this school of thought or are too bored of staying aloof, OhYouGotMe can help you connect with the people who are co-located.

This networking platform primarily focuses on bringing close different individuals who are, for starters, geographically close. The forethought behind it is that when people are close in terms of distance and culture, they tend to speak up and bond faster. In the worst case, if they are too unsure of what to talk, they can at least discuss the weather!!

Here’s a simple 3-step process which can bring out your social side and may be, if all goes well, Cupid might strike two forlorn hearts:

  1. Locate yourself on Google Map.
  2. Choose Your Partner and start talking.
  3. Share your happy moments on Social Networks.

The website wears a refreshingly good look and has vivid graphics to lift your spirit. The only pre-requisites to start using the platform are a web-camera, microphone, flash enabled browser and needless to say, steady internet connection. There are no initial hiccups like signing up and installation to put you off even before you start.

Life is complex, why go the extra mile and chat with people thousands of miles away only to complicate it further? Worst of all, barring a few exceptions most of such chats never move to the next level as meetings in person are too impractical and expensive to think about. OhYouGotMe is for the practical people who know that life is full of surprises but a little planning never hurts!!


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