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August 10, 2012

Check If Someone Lying About Not Reading Your Email?

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If you use to send MMS from your mobile phone then you must know a feature allows you to get a report which tells you whether your MMS has been opened by the recipient or not, it’s a good feature as you will get idea whether your message has been read by the other one.

Nowadays we all use to send mails and in many situation you need to know whether your mail has been read by the recipient or not so that you can take further action on it. If you want this feature in your email then here is a simple to use online web service called SpyPig.

SpyPig notifies you when your sent email has been read by the other one and then sends you an email which tells that your sent email has been opened and read. To get started using this service just visit the site and then register for the service.


Once you register for the service then you will need to copy and paste an HTML image in your mail when you send mail. Actually when you send email that image is also send with your email and when recipient open your mail, that HTML image is downloaded from SpyPig’s server and then it will notifies you that your mail has been read.

This service works fine on email services like Outlook, Eudora, Yahoo Email, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Email and many others.

You need to know that as it sends an HTML image with your email so if your recipient is using email service of plain text or remote image then he will get image as an attachment and he nee to download that image otherwise this service wont work for you.

But copping and pasting code in every mail is a little painful.

Visit Site :- SpyPig

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