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March 17, 2011

Find Out Who Has Removed Or Blocked You From His/Her Friends List On Facebook

Facebook is considered as one the best social networking websites with more than 500 million users. Almost all the users have have a large friend list. Now to maintain the large friend list that too manually is very difficult. Though you would never like that any of your friends is no more in your network but still you have to know if any such case happen.

You may think that it is impossible to know about the deleted friends. Or even if you check it regularly, it is not a good option. So, to know completely about my network, I thought of finding the some way to know about the deleted friends. And I found a wonderful online service “Who Deleted Me on Facebook?”. “Who deleted me on Facebook” is an online service which will give the recent details about you friend list. You have to go to the webpage with the link given at the end. There will be the option to login the page with your Facebook account. And simply after the login it will display the result.

The result will be displayed in two different formats. As shown in the snapshot below, the page will display the number of friends deleted if any. It will display your ex – friends as well as your new friends. The result can be displayed based on day, week or month. The service provider says that the result are displayed in the best possible calculations as per the sufficient data available. This is due to the reason that the service has been started recently, so may not have the required data to display the previous results.


Other then that there is also the graphical view of the data as shown in the snapshot below. The graph will display the number of friends in the past month. The graph is constructed based on both the deleted and new friends that have been added. You can see the exact number on friends on any date by simply taking the cursor there.

Who deleted me on Facebook

Apart from the display,  there are also the options for Statistics and FAQ. The statistics will display the results related to Facebook as a whole. Some of the data which you want to know and have interest in. You can go to FAQ section for further clarification of the usage.

Now, with the automation of many other things, you can see the changes in your friend list also automatically. So, enjoy the web service and have a continuous track on your friend network easily.

Visit : Who deleted me on Facebook ?

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