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June 7, 2011

Group Private Photo Sharing – Upload All Photos At A Common Place And Share Between Private Groups

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All of us have a habit of clicking photos at important events, specially with all the latest phone gadgets and high quality digital cameras it has become really easy to click photos and store them on your computer or a hard disk. Normally what happens is, if there is a party or any other place where photos are being clicked then the person who is clicking them is the one who is missed out.

Now imagine, if there is a party or a vacation that includes a lot of your friends and each one of you has been clicking photos personally then it becomes really difficult for you to see what all others have captured and also share your own photos with others.


So this time we have found out a dedicated website that offers you collect your photos in a single album and lets all the users to upload photos and share them with each other. This website known as photocollect enables you to easily collect photos at one place so that they could be shared easily.

This service is free for beginners and free users get a limit of three web albums with unlimited number of photo uploads. If a person wants to use this service for a longer time and a larger basis then he can use the paid version which enable them to create as many albums as they want and also they can upload videos with a limit of 250 Mb per video.


This service is integrated with Facebook and photo albums can be instantly published using a Facebook account. There are three different types of privacy settings and with the highest security setting, only people who are invited by a Facebook account will be able to see the photos. Other members of the group will not be able to add members to this group however they will be able to add and delete photos from the album. The user interface is real simple and easy to understand also there are multiple option that a person can choose from on how to view the photos and other settings will be able to help personalize the album further. A person can also tag photos and comment on them thus making it much more fun than a normal photo uploading website.

In the end we would say that photocollect is a quick and simple way to share photos and since= it is online and free to use up to a certain extent it does not require any specific sign up other than that of a Facebook account.

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