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August 17, 2011

Compare To Find Cheapest And Best Flight Options

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We live in an age when, as per Bill Gates, business is done at the speed of thought. Travelling is an unavoidable component of personal as well as professional lives, all thanks to the shrinking world and globalized economy. Booking tickets online is nothing new and we have ‘n’ number of websites catering to these needs.

The irony is that despite the plethora of online options, we often have a harrowing experience. Just when we think we got the best deal, pops up another option which is even cheaper. Blame the competitive market because of which we end up spending more time in getting the cheapest flight ticket.

Here is a maverick venture by a new entrepreneur which looks promising and innovative. HipMunk, sounds funny!, functions like an aggregator and collects flight details from all the possible places. It puts it together in a graphical and easy-to-comprehend format for better decision making. This website lays a huge emphasis on visual impact. It provides a slider which you can use on the graph to demonstrate your choice of timings and narrow down your search.

This travel search site helps in a well planned journey with its unique ‘visual timeline’. It saves you from humongous data overdose which seems to happen on other travel sites, leaving you as a customer confused in the clutter!! Just input the ‘when’ and ‘where’ information and rest gets taken care of. There are additional filters available to suit your preference for specific airlines. The best feature which sets this website apart is that it automatically hides “worse” options like same flight being offered at higher price or for longer duration.

HipMunk is indeed a site with potential, as long as it maintains its simplicity in better data interpretation and decision making!!

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