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August 24, 2011

Visualize The Actual Size Of Objects On Your Computer Before Buying

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We often search for things online and get details of it, like if you are going to buy any mobile phone then you first look for its features online and if you are satisfied with its features then only you will go for it.

But most of the times while looking for products online we see its size, size tells us what’s its width, breadth and height of the product.Most of the time size is given in inch’s, millimeters and so on.

In this way you might not be able to identify the size of the product means you might not be able to visualize the actual size of it, you wont be able to know whether the new phone will fit in your pocket or not, and so on.

Sizeasy is an nice online service which allows you to compare your product according to its size with so many daily to use things like match box, door, credit card, CD case, drink can, bottle, paper and so on.


Sizeasy allows you to compare dimensions of items you find described on the web often. Many online stores show the dimensions of items like Product Dimensions: 192 x 45 x 32mm. Although useful this doesn’t give us a feel for the real size of the item that we would get.

Sizeasy allows you to take this size information and see it drawn out to scale next to everyday items so you get a real feel for its size.The size is very easy to use as you only need to know is the dimension of the product.

You don’t need to convert the size of your product into any standard on as Sizeasy automatically does unit conversion for millimeters, centimeters, meters, feet and inches (mm, cm, m, ft, in).

How to use :-

  • First just copy the dimension of the product to your clip board,
  • Now open Sizeasy site and first name your product so that you can identify it,
  • Now paste the dimension which you had copied, and press add,
  • Now click on compare tab and select the product with which you wanna compare your product,
  • On the left side you will get a preview of the comparison

By default you will get a 3D comparison of the product with the product you select, you can also take a look at Side View, Top view and front view also.

On the homepage you will see Latest Comparisons and Most Popular made by some other users you can click on it and take a look on it too.

You can save your comparison by clicking on the “share” tab in the main menu. Once on the share page you’ll see a button “save & get permalink”. Hit this button and you’ll get a link that you can bookmark or publish which will always take you back to your comparison.

You can also save the comparison image on your hard disk for later use, for it first click on Share tab and then once you get images just right click on them and save them on your hard disk.

Site is fully supported on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari, rather according to site it doesn’t support Opera but I had tested it on Opera too and it worked just fine.

Visit Site :- Sizeasy

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