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August 21, 2012

Compare Two or More Phones Features and Hardware [India]

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Mobile phone are a part of our day to day life, they had make our life so simple and convenient that we had never imagined. You can do almost all work from your mobile phone like book tickets, make payments, do video conferencing, surf the web and lot more.

Every day lots of phones were launched by the manufacturers around the world which offers different and new services to the users, and we too try to buy that phone which offer lots of services, as there are lots of phones we got confused and ask others to help us to choose from the selected phones.

Well here is a nice online web service which allows you to compare phones and know which phone has which which feature superior to the other one. VersesIo is a online web service which allows you to compare the feature of 2 phone and then it shows how many features are there in both phone which are pros to the next one.


This site is available in more then 15 languages, as you visit the site you will see some popular comparison made by other users around the globe, they are shown on the basis of Today, Week, Month, All time, you can click on them to view the comparison or make a new search by entering 2 phones in the search box.

As this site is new and still under development so you wont find all phone in it, but soon new and more and more phone were added in it.

Once you enter phone it will shows all features of those phone and tell you which phone is pro to next due to how many reasons.

As you scroll down you will see all list of features and it tells which feature is in which phone and what is not on which, you can add you comments to it or can view already comments putted by others.

[ Visit Site :- VersusIo ] 

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