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April 27, 2011

Create Online Exams, Tests, Assessments And Share Via Email

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Do you run a school/University or you wanna hire people for your organization but you don’t have time to organize test or participants are not able to attend it physically because they are far from the place. Then how about organizing a online Test, Sound good? Read ahead.

Well online tests are those which can be accessed by participants by sitting anywhere around the globe all he need is a computer.Online tests are beneficial for both Tester and Testee. Brain Cog is a place where you can organize online exams, tests or assessments.The site is very easy to use and provides many useful features which helps you to organize an exam.As test being organize online you don’t have to install any program on your machine and even a basic user can use this site.


Now let see, How to create a Test :-

  • First of all visit BrainCog and click on that big Button saying Register,
  • Once you had filled up the form it will send a email to your Email ID, just confirm it,
  • Once you had created account you will be taken to the Dashboard, You will see few options saying Create First exam or Add/Import Users, click on Create Exam,


  • Now you will be taken to a new page where you will find a form asking many details,like,

(1) Name Of Exam :- Set any name for your exam like Sales test etc.,

(2) Number of Question :- You can set the number of questions which will be displayed or asked in Test

(3) Passing Percentage:- Here set the passing percentage, it will be used to display the result of the participants when he completes test,

(4) Time Limit for the Exam:- You can set the limit of time under which exam should be completed,

(5) Exam Introduction Text :- Which will be displayed to users before exam starts,

(6) Text – Completion Success :- When a user completes a test he will see this text, it could be Like You are done.Thank you

(7) Completion Fail :- If test fails user will get this message which you write here.

  • When you are done just click on Save button and start adding Questions, It also allows you to multiple choice question Just put tick on the right question so that system can check result when user submit it,
  • You can manually add the user from its name or you can copy and paste it from MS Excel,
  • Once you had added users just sent Invitation link to them so that they can participate in Exam,
  • And then participants will get email with a link to exam and they can click on it and start giving exam,
  • Once participant is done with exam he will be shown result.


This site is very nice with simple UI.Other features are like:-

  • Simple UI,
  • Easy To understand,
  • Create Multiple choice questions,
  • You will get your own companies page,
  • Results will be send via mail also,

Visit :- BrainCog

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