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November 23, 2011

A New Social Networking Site For Your Office

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We all love to get connected with other people through internet as few of us had time to get connected in real world so we love to get connected through virtual world, but if you are in any company then you might not be able to use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, as all companies block them.

But many few of your employees many not know all employees working in them same company due to any reason, but if you make a social networking platform on your intranet then it may be a good because it will help employees to know others and get in touch.

PeopleDock is a nice platform which allows you to create a virtual world for your organization without much hassle, people who are working in your organization will be able to get connected with all others and with your too, you can create any number of groups for your employees who can join and interact in it.


Once you make your virtual place on PeopleDock, you will be able to invite others or anyone with your companies email register to that site will automatically added to your site. Once they join your group they will be able to Chat, share calendar, Photos, view others profile and know about them.

The site is good enough on security too, it works on SSL encryption and all your data is backed up all time, so no worries, while chatting with friends you can share files with each others very easily.

Its Newsfeed is very nice as it will tells you about the activities happening on your companies group, it will tell who is chatting, who are sharing files, who are in contact, who is added to which group, who has created any group.

You can share your file as Private too, means only selected persons will be able to view it, only your companies person will be able to view the activities happening in your companies account.

In total it’s a nice platform to get your employees close. Currently site is in beta phase and you need to ask for invitation for it.

Visit Site :- PeopleDock

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