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June 4, 2012

Create A Strong Password In Seconds

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We all like our systems to be secured and one of the widely used ways of doing it is by making our accounts password protected. Easier said than done when any platform in its effort to be super secure makes you toil hard to just get a strong password with some fixed number of characters, digits and special characters. It becomes a huge test of patience to get the right password and sometimes leaves us so miffed that we leave things mid way and close the webpage altogether.

Here is an online tool which has come to the rescue of millions of people who do not have the time or patience to make their mind churn out secure passwords. PassCreator does a simple but a very practical job of generating a password. All you need to enter is a word and use the check boxes for how your password should look like. You can check the boxes for uppercase, lowercase, special chars, numbers etc as per your liking and accordingly it will provide you with a good password. You have an option to specify the length of password as well which can be between 10-30 characters.

It has an extremely simple to use web interface which makes this tool very handy. You don’t have to register with any password to be able to generate passwords. You can get started right away and get one on the fly. A noticeable option which is worth mentioning is a check box which asks if you want your password to be a word that you can pronounce. Even though the word will not have a meaning, but it will have a healthy mix of vowels and consonants to make it easy to memorize.

Some of the features of PassCreator are listed below:

  • A very stress free web tool.
  • Supports password of length up to 30 chars.
  • User can generate passwords which can be pronounced.

With all the gazillion accounts that we claim to have, ranging from bank, email, social networking to work related web accounts, this tool will off load that painful task of getting a password which meets all the criteria.



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