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December 22, 2011

Create Animated eBooks For iOS And Android

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When we were kids we love to read cartoon book, there were many cartoon hero’s which were our favorite, it’s a good and funny way to get our time passed.As the era is changing and we are getting modernized all stuffs were happening on or with the help of computer and internet so why not books too.

Moglue is an nice internet based web service which allows its users to create eBooks so that after finishing it you can share it with your friends and enjoy those funny things.

Currently Moglue is in Beta phase and application used for creating eBooks and eBooks available on Moglue Boot Stores is free for download.Moglue application can be downloaded on Windows or Mac computer and after installing you can drag and drop contents to create pages and book.

As it comes on animated books first thing we think is that they must be for kids, its correct upto some extent but Moglue is not limited in any kind you can create eBooks for any age group and get it published.

You can connect your iOS or Android device with your computer using Wi-Fi connection and you can get a preview of book on which you are working on and see how it will look and work, you can add images like JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIF for images and MP3, M4A, WAVE and MP4 format for sounds, you can add actions on your files so that it can look nice.

Once you are done with your book it will get instantly published on Moglue Book Store, and then you can publish it on Android market and Apple App Store.All authors reserve the right for their work and you can publish these book anywhere else too rather then limiting your work on Moglue Bookstore, Apple App Store and Android Market.


Currently this service is free of cost but soon they will put some fee and authors will be able to generate income using their creations just like they do through Android Market and Apple App Store.

You can join their help community, you can download Tutorial from their site which will help you to create eBook.

Take a look at the video below to know more :-


Visit Site :- Moglue

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