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March 21, 2009

Create Beautiful Mosaic With Image Mosaic Generator

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Napolean when said

A picture is worth a thousand words

little did he know that one day his words would have a literal or near literal meaning to it or when the picture mosaic will be born.

We all know what collage is the photo mosaic is similar, its just that instead of torn paper pieces, here we use other pictures. Actually it is a large picture made up of hundreds of smaller pictures, where each individual picture is selected and placed because it roughly matches the color and shape of the tile in the larger picture. When pieced together they all resemble the larger image, the effect is quite cool, especially when you zoom in.

And if you have been thinking of getting a picture mosaic of your beloved…or even of your boss, to gift it to him before appraisal, then image mosaic generator is the site for you. Without any hassles of signing in or giving your email, DOB or what not details, it gives you what you need. Your mosaic picture …vibrant and good looking and that too in no time for FREE.

How it works?

It scans each pixels RGB color value to work out the average color for the entire image, and stores that color value and the image’s meta data in a database. The other application on this server generates the Mosaics. It starts by accepting a photo as input, breaks up that photo into tiles in a grid fashion and works out the average color value for each tile. Then it searches the database for the closest color. All the selected photos are downloaded and then pieced together to make up the final Mosaic. Too much technical details ! huh ! We need not bother much about details. We really like it for sheer uniqueness and also for saving our precious time….enjoy!!!


Our rating : 3/5 | Visit Image Mosaic Generator

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