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May 11, 2009 – Create Free Twitter Backgrounds

Prettytweet is a web site that provides the web service of creating a FREE Twitter Background with a Visual Designer. You can easily design your custom twitter background. You can change text and image positioning. Font colors and sizes.

It provides many exciting features such as:

  1. WYSIWYG Editor
  2. Upload your own image or logo
  3. Reposition and resize image/logo
  4. Add your own text in two layouts options
  5. Change text colors
  6. Change text sizes
  7. Change text position
  8. Drag and drop positioning
  9. It’s FREE

The best feature about this web service is the ease of using it. You just need to pick a background first and then choose an image. You can easily edit the image using the various options clearly provided by the site.

Steps to edit:

  1. Click on any image you want to select as your background.
  2. Select a nice image from some site, or your pc or directly from the webcam.
  3. Adjust image using features like

Image size

Image position

Image rotation

  1. Then choose the text area(horizontal) by choosing the text color and background color.
  2. Then do the same for text area (vertical).
  3. The you can directly post this to your tweet by giving the username and password. This is an optional feature. You can also post it to your mail by giving your email address.

Also all these steps are given in the demo video in a very convenient and ice way making the web site very user friendly and easy to use. This site is areal advantage to people regular on tweets and bored of the same background and images. So now they really have something to  make their experience with twitter more interesting.


Our rating: 3/5 | Visit:

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