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June 15, 2011

Create Photo Collage Of Your Facebook Friends Profile Pics And Get The Same Printed On Your T-Shirt

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Facebook has been all over the world nowadays. Even a small child knows what Facebook is and grand mothers are using it. There is nothing in this website that could be called inappropriate for users of any age group and this is the reason why it has become such a popular social networking website.

Now each one of us who uses a computer must be knowing what Facebook is and most probably most of us would be even having an account on it. The number of users has grown up in millions and there are almost unlimited number of uses a person can think of this website.

There are many services offered by Facebook like users can upload photos and share favorite music albums and much more. It almost feels like you are in a college everyday since each one of your friend can opt to know what you are upto and what is there in your mind. Being such a famous social networking website, Facebook  has attracted a number of other companies to relate to their brand name by allowing users to integrate Facebook into their websites and online services. Facebook has infiltrated into our lives so much that a person can even choose his friends to know what are his whereabouts each and every  minute.

All we can do now is wait and see how further Facebook infiltrates our lives and what all we will be able to share. So for all the Facebook lovers and addicts we have a new online service that offers to integrates Facebook into your daily lives a bit further and it enables you to show your love and affection towards your Facebook friends wherever you go, even when you don’t have a computer. This website known as is the latest trend in Facebook clothing fashion and what is does is makes a collage of all your Facebook friend’s profile pictures onto a T shirt as a print.

The user interface is really easy to use and a person can choose to ship his personalized T shirt any where in the world. T shirts are available in 5 different sizes and the profile pictures of all your Facebook friends are neatly printed onto the front of your T shirt. These T shirts cost around 15 euros ( 21 $ ) and that comes around Rs. 1300. So if you are a die hard Facebook fan then this T shirt is a must for you. A user can even choose to see a preview of his T shirt before buying it and choose to pay from VISA or MasterCard.

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