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November 1, 2011

Create & Study With Easy Notecards – A Great Way To Learn & Share

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Online studying has become very popular these days, not only the students prefer, but even the teachers encourage the students to explore and find relevant study material online.

It’s a great way to study, students not only learn fast, but they also get independent at the same time. Various web sites have been developed in the past dedicated to learning.

One which we came across,, is not only unique and creative in its way, but hugely helpful.

Both, students and teachers can benefit from this web site. It allows users not only to easily go through note cards, or more popular term would be flashcards, but also create new flash/note cards for future purposes. For example, I want to study about my chapter on ‘Fluids Machines’, I shall search for the book online and search for the notecard showing ‘Fluid Machines’ as chapter.

If no notecard exists, I have the freedom to create a notecard and save the same for other users I also have the option of setting it to ‘private’ so that my notecard is not viewed by other users.

It’s a great way to learn, and faster too, since flashcards help in retaining stuff in mind. Teachers too can help their students by creating notecards.

One thing that teachers can do is, once they’ve taught a certain topic, after the class, they can create a notecard of the same topic which can be accessed by students whenever required.

In this way, students will learn faster and comprehensively. Besides using notecards for learning, there are also other games and fun ways to learn. For example, students can take part in quizzes relevant to their topic. It’s free to use and highly helpful. You can start off by simply typing the name of the book.

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