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January 25, 2012

Create Twitter Account Activity Info Graphic

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Twitter is widely used social networking site in the world, it has changed the way to share our thoughts with others, the most interesting thing about it is that it let you share your thoughts or what ever is in your mind in just 140 words, many times you will find it short but its fun other side too.

There are many apps for your Twitter account which make it more useful and interesting, now here is another Twitter app, its Vizify’s TweetSheet, it’s a nice web app for twitter users, it let you show your twitter account in a instant infographic form.

It shows lots of information in a nice instant infographic form, like your most retweets, your best followers, your favorite themes and lot more, and all this is shown in a web page with beautiful design, means in a infographic format.

Well all data are collected from a third party source, but Vizify nicely put it in a single web page, all your data shown on Vizify is based on last 3200  tweets collected from your account, well the number is very less but hope they will increase it soon.


All your tweets data of past few months are shown in a nice bar type format, in which each bar is divided by No Replies, and Relies Or Retweeted.

It also shows a geographical map, which will shows the most retweets of your tweet is done in which part of the world.

One of the most good thing about this Twitter App is that it only needs read access of your twitter account, means it will never post anything on your account without asking you, you know lots of app post many things on your twitter timeline without letting you know.

To use it, just visit the site from below link and signup using your Twitter Account Credential and your are ready to see your own twitter data in a instant Inforgraphic format.

Visit Site :- Vizify TweetSheet

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