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I once read this great quote that "If we simply allow ourselves to more creative, we will be more creative." Yes its really true that given the right incentive and environment, we are all creative. The only thing that’s required from our side is to search and look out for that opportunity to be or do something creative. One such opportunity is provided by FunnyLogo – a web based application that enables you to create a search engine by your name instead of the title "Google" on the home page.

So the next time you need to use the search engine when online, you’ll be using your own personal search engine. The process involves four simple steps.

First, you need to enter the suitable name that you want to give to your search engine. Second, you need to select a Logo style and color in which that name will appear from a large gallery of options that will be available for you to choose from. Three, just click on the "Create My Search Engine" bar on the bottom of the page. And Four, copy the URL of this page(i.e. the search engine you created by following the first three steps) and put it in you blog or website. That is all you need to do and your personalised search engine is ready.

And thereafter, you simply flaunt your personal search engine in front of your friends and visitors. Isn’t this creative? Of course it is. Enjoy being a creative person because of FunnyLogo.

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About FunnyLogo

You can make your own personal Search Engine with your name as logo.

How Is FunnyLogo Useful ?

It simply enables you to experience something new in your current ordinary and unimaginative life by giving you a search engine with your name as logo on the type. Something refreshing.

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