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August 30, 2012

Delete All Junk, Spam and Promotion Emails From Your Email Inbox

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We all us email service, it’s a nice service which let you send or receive mails from your friends, you can not only receive plain text on mails but you can send or get photos, videos and other documents too very easily.

But as we use email service we may subscribe to some newsletters to stay tuned or stay updated regarding daily deals, special offers and so on, but many times you receive junk mails in such kinds and you want to unsubscribe from them but you might not be able to do that because you might don’t know how to do it.

But here is simple to use service, Swizzle Inbox Manager, which allows you to unsubscribe from such unwanted service very easily.

How Does Swizzle Inbox Manager Works?

Swizzle Inbox Manager is very simple to use service, it lets you get rid of all those unwanted emails which overload your inbox and you might loss your important mails in such overload. If you try to unsubscribe then you might not be able to do so as you don’t know how to do it.

Swizzle Inbox Manager allows you to remove such junk mails from your inbox with just few clicks. To use it you need to visit site and provide your email address from which you want to remove junk mails. Once you provide your email address it will as you to authorize your email so that it can fetch mails from your inbox.


It uses OAuth system to authorize your account, means your password is not stored anywhere between. And don’t worry it never store your password, once its job is done it give away access to your account to your email provider.

No human reads your mails, Sizzle’s software check your mails and they check some important parts of your mails which tells whether they are bulk or not.


Then after checking your inbox it will show you a list which contains all emails which comes in bulk, you will see a button next to each of them, you can either select just to unsubscribe from then mail or you can also select to unsubscribe and delete mails from your inbox.


Once you are done click on Done button provided at the bottom, once you click on that button Sizzle will giveaway your access to your mail and exist it, it wont be able to access your account again until you provide access to it again.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Other Webservices to Free Up Your Inbox

  • Unsubscribe.Me :- Its an free to use service which lets you unsubscribe from any service by just sending an email and then rest will be done by Unsubscribe servers.
  • Unroll.Me :- This service allows you to unsubscribe from any promotion emails and it also allows you to get many newsletters in one mail so that multiple newsletter wont occupy your inbox.
  • :- If you are on iPhone or any other iOS device then this service is for you, its any iOS app which remove junk mails from your inbox.

How Swizzle Is Different From Other Services :-

Swizzle is very simple to use and its completely free of cost, it wont store any of your account details and once your job is done then will delete your account from their server so that there will be no privacy or security risk.


Overall it’s a nice service, there is no security and privacy risk, you can unsubscribe from unwanted emails very easily in one go. You no longer require to open and check for Unsubscribe button on them.

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