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May 15, 2012

Delete All Tweets From Twitter Account In One Click

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Twitter is a very powerful and widely used social networking site nowadays, many companies using it to connect with their customers, Many times it happen that you might had published something on your Twitter account which you don’t mean and it can embrace you in front of your friends or other.

Once you had published your tweet there is no way to back or roll back, Well in that case you left with no other option that justifying yourself or acting smartly to hide your mistake. But an online web service like TwiteWipe can help you and save you in these cases.

TwiteWipe is an easy to use web service which allows you to wipe all your tweet in one go, it wipe out or you can say delete all you old tweet which you had published and now realize how useless those were.

To start using it just visit the web site and login with your Twitter account and then you will get confirmation email which ask permission to wipe out all your tweets from your Twitter account, Keep in mind once your grant permission there is no way to back, it will delete all your tweets and you wont be able to get them back in any case.


Site says that it will take a long time to wipe out your tweets and during this process you have to get connected, you can start the process and leave your computer for overnight. But if due to some reason you get disconnected the you can visit site again and again start the process and things start from where they were lost.

Many of you might be thinking rather than going for this app you can just simply delete account and make a new one, but if delete your account and make new one then in that case you will loss all your followers and followees and you have to start from ZERO.

Visit Site :- TwitWipe

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