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October 4, 2011

Do Not Miss Tweets Of Less Active Members

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Almost we all of uses twitter to tell our latest happening of our life to our followers, or many time we use twitter to get latest news of the world, well twitter is really a good way to get latest news or happening of our friends life.

There are many people who tweet more, they tweet every single thing of their life like what they are eating, where are they with whom they are and so on, many time its annoying but many time we want to follow them.

In this way we might miss someone’s tweet who tweet less but many time they send some useful things but due to over users of twitter who keep posting thing we might miss useful things which might be very useful for us.

Shuu.Sh is an nice online web service which allows you to put your attention on those less frequent twitter who sends less tweets but send useful one, this service arrange the tweets on the basis of frequency and provide an rating to them too.


This service provides or gives equal chance to all whom you are following, they are given equal priority and their tweets are shown on the single page, it will rate users from 1 to 11, those who speak more are given highest rating and thrown at back and those who speak less get less rating.

This service allows you to read the tweets send by less frequent users as those tweets will be displayed in bigger fonts as compare to over users, even some tweets were unable to read, these are the tweets of frequent users.

It will also display your level, which will be shown at the top right corner of the page.The service is really nice and well organize, you will find your timeline there but some tweets will be displayed in big fonts and some in small ones.

Visit Site :- Shuu.Sh

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