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July 22, 2011

Do Voice Chat Or Post Voice Message To Your Facebook Friends For Free

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We all use Facebook and do chat with our friends on it to stay connected with, chat is a nice feature which allows us to talk with our friends and to know them.

But I hate writing as it requires me to type my message by pressing keys on keyboard, it’s a time consuming and effortful job.

What if you don’t have to type your message and do a voice chat with your friends directly inside the Facebook interface, isn’t it sounds nice?

Well Bobsled by T-Mobile is a Facebook app which allows you to do voice chat with your Facebook friends and its for free and its without leaving your Facebook page.

Bobsled is supported on Windows and Mac OS X and runs on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, Opera is not yet supported, In addition Adobe Flash Player 10.0 or higher is required to run Bobsled.


After installing a small plugin you will need to restart your browser and then when you login to your Facebook account you will see a green phone icon just next to the name of your friends name in chat box.


Now if you wanna make call to your friends then just click on the phone icon and a call has been connected, now a interesting, most of the chatting apps requires both parties to installed the app but Bobsled does not require your friend to installed it for voice chat.

When you make call to your friend he/she will get a link on their chat box when they click on it your call been connected.

It also allows you to leave a voice message either public means you can post a voice message on your friends walls or send a private voice message to him.So on your friends Birthday don’t just write on his wall but leave a voice message to him.

Features :-

  • Free app,
  • Works on Mac and Windows
  • Support Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox
  • Does not require your friend to install it,
  • You can leave a voice message either public or private,
  • Can chat without leaving Facebook interface

Install Bobsled

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