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September 11, 2012

Download All Tweets As PDF File In Seconds

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Twitter is one of the most used social networking website out there. Lots of people use this micro blogging platform to share their day to day happening with other. many people wants to make backup of their tweets which they had shared with world because they know anything can happen if their account is compromised then they might lost all tweets.

Many of you make backup of tweets just for fun, reason may vary from person to person but fi you too interested in backing up your tweets then here is simple to use web tool.

How Does TweetBook Works?

TweetBook is an simple to use online web tool which allows you to create PDF eBook of your tweets and download them. The interface of website is very simple and fast, you don’t have to wait a long to create and download your own TweetBook.

To use this web service all you need to do is visit web site and authorize your account so that it can fetch your account details from your account. Once you had authorized your account then you can create your Tweet Book.


It provide 2 ways of creating your Tweet Book, you can either download all of your tweets or you can create and download tweet of a certain time period. Now click on Create Tweet Book and it will take some time, around 30 second and then it will present a PDF file to you, just download it and you had your TweetBook.

It not only allows you to create TweetBook from your tweets but you can also create eBook of your Favorite Tweets. You need not worry about your privacy as all of your tweets and TweetBook is deleted from their server once you logged out.

Rating :- 4/5

Other Website To Backup Your Tweets :-

  • TweetBackup :- Its an online tool which allows you to backup your tweets on regular interval, you just need to provide email address and Twitter handle and then it will make backup daily.
  • BackupTweets :- This tool to make backup of you tweets online on daily basis, you can later make search for a particular tweet to find easily what you had shared earlier.
  • BackupIfy :- Its an online account which not only supports Twitter but it can backup any of you online account like facebook, Google Drive and so on.
  • TwitterBackup :- Its an desktop tool which allows you to make a backup copy of your tweets on you computer and save it in XML form.

How TeetBook different from other web services :-

Tweet is simple to use web tool which not only allows you to make back up of your tweets but they allow you to download them in an eBook form so that you can access them offline too. And eBook is nicely organized.

Conclusion :-

There are many apps which allows you to make backup of your tweets but it seems TweetBook is the one which lets you make eBook of your Tweets and Favorites tweets too.

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