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December 31, 2010

Download Best Twitter Application For Your Desktop, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android & Google Chrome

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TweetDeck is your personal browser to keep in touch with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more. TweetDeck helps you to stay updated, in an organized way by customizing your tweetdeck screen by splitting and categorizing  your tweets according to your preferences.

With TweetDeck you can perform search in two ways within the application either local which includes your friends only or search all the tweets. You can make yourself stay updated with the use of automatic updates which gives you all updates about the people and the topics you care about. See what people are saying about you and join the conversation by tweeting, sharing photos, videos or links directly from TweetDeck.

Some Great Features Of TweetDeck

TweetDeck Search : TweetDeck offers you two ways to perform search within the application. You can search locally or globally, local search make you search from your contact list but with the use of summize you can do a global search for all the tweets. This feature is incomparable for searching Twitter, search any keyword or topic you like with the powerful search of TweetDeck.

TweetDeck Group : Group is assemblage of objects having some resemblance. TweetDeck allows you to organize your contacts by categorizing which makes your application manageable. This powerful feature helps you keep close eye on all happenings without missing anything important on the network with the rapid flow of data.

TweetDeck Tweets : Tweets are used to set the notifications.

Twitscoop : Twitscoop digs the important information like the hot trends on Tweeter and also lists the top 10 keywords used across the network.

Refresh : Refresh is used to manually update tweets if you don’t want to wait for the application to update.

Direct Messages : Direct Message column helps you send direct messages on TweetDeck. This feature helps to do private conversation and make TweetDeck a handy way of Tweeter.

Tweet Shorten : You can now shorten your Tweets if you run over 140 characters, right away from the TweetDeck tweet panel.

Spell Checker : Now you can check your tweets against spelling using spellchecker.

TweetDeck have the ability of view and update Tweeter or Facebook directly using your iPhone or iPod from anywhere anytime. Now you can Download TweetDeck for free.

Download TweetDeck For Your iPhone


Download TweetDeck For Your iPad


Download TweetDeck For Your Android


Download Chrome TweetDeck


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