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January 11, 2011

Download Latest Version Of Facebook Application Blocker To Block Unwanted FB Application Postings

Facebook is a social networking service which has become a part of life for almost everyone. It helps us to connect with our friends and family worldwide. But its popularity has become a reason of frustration for some of its users as there are thousands of active Facebook applications which is being used by your friends and clutter up your request page with unwanted requests.

application blocker

You cannot ask them to stop using the apps, instead you can use an add-on to hide all the Facebook application messages on your stream automatically. Facebook Application Blocker extension for chrome, blocks all the postings on Facebook that are posted by any application. It has also a white list, so you can exclude individual applications you like. Once you’ve installed the extension, just login to your Facebook account and you won’t see post from any Facebook application.

application blocker1

The extension is free of charge, so you can install and have get rid from annoying request you get every time you login to your Facebook account. Google Chrome Extensions is not supported on any other browser other than Google Chrome. Install latest version( now.

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