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December 24, 2010

Download Free Software To Monitor Your System Profile & Performance

Today I am here with a great site named as lookintomypc. Well we have already provided the link below, before you proceed further I will request you to please open this website and then start following up the information. If you are annoyed by the hardware or the software problems in your system and you want that there should be consistent check on your system then this website which I am going to review will help you a lot.


You can see the snapshot of the website, when in the middle of the page you will find a download link which will let you to download a tool which is completely responsible for checking all the softwares and the hardware available on your system. This tool will let you to create the complete log consisting of all the information regarding the software and hardware configuration on your system. It will include all the names of the processes which are running on your system, it will also include the start-up program installed on your system, the information about your anti-virus, the version of BIOS which you are using, the hardware configuration list will consist of RAM, hard disk, processor, display and other mandatory information.


As shown in the snapshot, it will include all the fields which are available in the tool and then all the information regarding each field will be processed and then it will be assembled in a webpage, the snapshot of which can be seen below. If there are certain fields in the log which cannot be understood, then they have been automatically linked by Google, so you just have to click them and then you can see the meaning of that keyword. I hope that this tool and this site will help you to keep a complete record of your system, you just need to click the Generate button on the tool and then you will have the complete information of your system in front of your system.


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