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December 27, 2009 Save Energy And Get Rewards

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Now, it was an inevitable conclusion that a legally binding climate change mitigation agreement was a non-starter even before the Copenhagen climate summit began. And that is what came out on the last day of the conference, leaving the much harder task of a legally binding treaty to Mexico in November.

But that’s the problem challenging the nations at a international level. It was not right on their part, agreed, but what now? I have one question for every literate person out there- what are we as an individual doing to prevent global warming and thus controlling climate change? Don’t we have any responsibility towards our planet Earth?

We all can do our little bit to keep the earth Green. We can conserve and save energy(electricity, gas, water) used at our homes, workplace, etc with the help of Earth Aid. Earth Aid has developed a free service that measures your monthly energy use and rewards you based on how much you save.

It follows 3 simple steps :

  1. They will review your household’s energy use from your utility company will create a “baseline” using the details.
  2. Earth Aid then provides you with customized advice to become more energy-efficient, and then measures your next year of energy use.
  3. Last (and most importantly), Earth Aid empowers you to earn rewards based on the amount of energy you have conserved.

Why You Should Be Earth Aid’s member :

  • Earth Aid’s free, patent-pending web application is the first and only that enables households to monitor their actual electric, gas, and water utility usage all together
  • Makes it easy to find the right tips for saving energy and water.
  • When you save energy or water, you earn Earth Aid Rewards Points – redeemable for exclusive rewards, discounts, and offers from their network of Earth Aid Rewards Partners.

So, resurrect your conscience and start doing your bit by joining Earth Aid.

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Earth Aid is about educating households about your energy and water use, helping you save, and rewarding you when you do save.

How Is Earth useful?

You will be able to save on your utility bills as well as make some positive changes for the planet.

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