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January 13, 2012

Easily Contact Any Local Business [US Only]

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In or day to day life we often need to contact some of our local business, most of the time we call them but calling them is not an easy task many times who wont be able to get connected and if you get connected then your call will land on waiting, another way to contact businesses is through there website, but some business has weird Contact Us page which is not easy to use.

So in total its not easy to contact them and if you are unable to contact your local business then your problem might not get solved, so what’s the easy way? TalkTo, it’s a free to use and easy to navigate web service which lets you contact any local business very easily and you will get fast replies for your query.

You can just text your query like you do to your friends and then you will get text reply very soon, using TalkTo you can contact any local business, yes any local business. You can ask questions, give feedback, can book hotels, book appointments and so on.


Currently this service is only available in US but soon it might hit other countries too. Non of your personal information is shared in this process.

TalkTo make sure that you will get fast reply as soon as possible, if business is online then they will respond faster but if they are offline then TalkTo deliver your message via offline methods like emails and sms.

If TalkTo doesn’t have any information regarding the business then their call centers will make calls on your behalf to get answers.

Currently TalkTo is in Beta phase and everyday new users are added, so you need to visit website and ask for an beta invite, as you get your beta invite code then either using mobile phone or pc visit site and enter your code to get started.

Very soon iOS and Android app will be released too.

Visit Site :- TalkTo

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