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January 10, 2012

Easily Make Backup Of Your Website

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If you are a webmaster than there is nothing more painful than losing your websites data, suppose you mistakenly delete something or if your website got hacked and hackers wiped off all your data from server than you will left with only one option and its restore your web site from an external backup.

So creating a backup is must for every webmaster, creating backup is not the thing you have to make regular backup so that latest file of your website remains with you, SnatchCode is a nice web service which lets you automatically backup all your website.

SnatchCode backup your web site through FTP and MySQL, In order to take up automatic backup , SnatchCode will need ftp information of the folder which needs to be secured. So a user will need to enter his website’s correct FTP details , and rest will be done by them.



As a backup is made you will be notified via an email and then you can download your backup copy anytime through your dashboard.

This web service provides a nice feature, UNDO, suppose you are working on your web site and designing it but on this process you had mistakenly deleted some files and thus your web site stop loading, so now you will need hard to get it fix as you have to look at each and every code.

But using SnachCode’s UNDO feature if you website files get broken , all you have to do is to login into the dashboard and press “Undo” button. SnatchCode’s system will automatically fetch the latest available backup of your website and replace it with the broken files.

You may choose whether you want to backup your files daily, weekly or so on.

If you had a small website which is less than of 1 GB then you can use their free version but if you had bigger website then go for premium one.All plans provide one click backup.

you may take a look at video below to know more :- SnatchCode on Vimeo.

Visit site :- SnatchCode

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