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September 12, 2011

Easily Take Backup Of Any URL Or Website

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Webpages are consciously kept dynamic to keep up with the pace of fast and furious web world. You should not be overtly surprised if overnight the whole look and feel of any of your favorite websites is drastically changed. But what if you wish to share some important piece of information about any webpage and just when you click, there is no sign of it. You are left tongue-tied in such situations.

Here is a web based utility which helps you archive the webpages at a certain point in time and in layman words, you freeze the webpage in time. BackUpURL creates a cached copy of the page for a reading at a later point of time even when the actual website is under temporary maintenance or is gone for good! We cannot trust Google Cache pages as there have been instances when it gets cleared too soon.

Just type the URL of the website for which you need a backup and the rest will be taken care of by BackUpURL. It will create a copy with its own URL address. The best part is that not only the home pages get archived, but all the available pages on the website get saved for future reference. In simple words, you get a mirror image of the website with never changing content unless you intervene and update it. The website even works like a URL shortening tool.

The application is extremely simple to use with absolutely no frills attached. Use it and lock your website in time!


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