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May 27, 2011

Add Desired Effects To Your Photos Using An Online Photo Editing App

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Looking at a normal photo clicked by a camera is not really fashionable today especially when there are so many image editing applications present in the market these days that can help you add effects to your photos. Adding these effects not only make your images look different but also, sometimes they can add that charm and nostalgia which can bring back the good old memories of the past time.

Can’t believe me right, then try adding a sepia or black and white effect to not so a not so old photograph and see how the whole feeling changes.

So normally a person can choose to add effects to his or image by buying and downloading one of the numerous image editing apps present in the market but what if we give you an idea of doing the same thing online with help of  a new website for free. Yes, sounds pretty interesting and believe me its pretty easy to have the same task done for free. Otherwise there are number of image editing apps which you can buy but they are of more or less unused because it takes a lot of hard work or even a specialized course to learn how to work on them.

This website known as the provides with all the effects that a normal person would need to add to his or photos without much hassle. The user interface is really simple and with all the instructions given at each step it becomes pretty easy for a occasional computer user to use the tool. lets you add effects to your image quickly and easily and all you have to do is open the homepage and upload the image of your choice, after that you will be able to resize, custom crop and add the desired effects to your photograph. Then all you have to do is download the image, also if you want to try something new you can always reset or change the image according to your choice.

This is a beta version of the website and all you have to do is browse and add the desired photo on the webpage. After that in the next page you will see a number of options like sepia, black and white, solarize, borders and many more.

On the above given page you will be able to see the selected effect on the photo which you had uploaded. So with all the options you will be able to either reset, resize, download or change the image.

So to end the conversation I would like to say that this is a pretty easy method to add effects to your photos without having to download or buy expensive softwares and tools. The job done is really neat and it contains all the effects that you would probably need to customize your image. This is a totally free to use and no frills tool also there is no need to register with the website in order to use the tool which seems to me is the best part. You can edit jpg, png or gif images with a limit of 600kb and the final downloaded image will be of enhanced png format.

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