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September 20, 2011

Encrypt Your Email Messages To Protect Your Privacy

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We all use email services, we like to send emails to friends, family members, colleagues and many more, emails are taken as most secure and easy way to transfer information from one place to another.

But we had come to know many cases in which someone’s email account is hacked and many sensitive data is taken out and hacker has misused that information, so nowadays we cant take email services as secure one due to all these cases.

But how’s if you can password protect your message, I am not asking for whole account, your account is already password protected, but I am asking you to protect the email which you are doing to send via password.

image is a nice and free service which allows you to encrypt and password protect your emails, its very useful when you are sharing some confidential information like credit card information, your passwords or other important data which you don’t wanna to show to others.

It allows you to send your message in secure form, it uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), PBKDF2 (Password-Based Key Derivation Function) both are very secure form and

How to use :-

  • First visit site and drag and drop Bookmarklet to your browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome),
  • Now open your email service like Gmail and write you whole email,
  • When you are done with your email click on Bookmarklet and then it will ask you for a password,
  • Enter your password,
  • Now send your password to your friend or any other whom you are sending email,
  • Now your friend will get a email which is encrypted, now you friend has to click on Boomarklet and enter password to decrypt message,
  • Or he can visit site and at the bottom of page paste the message which you had got and hit enter button and then enter password.

Visit Site :- Encipher.It

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