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January 9, 2012

Exchange Unwanted Item With Needed Item

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There were time when people used to exchange their items for another items, this system is called Barter system, it was used before the evolution of money and 2 people who wants one another’s thing can get in contact and then exchange their goods.

But now as money is evolved we can buy goods with that, but still now there is a web site which allows you to meet those persons who are like you and wanna exchange their unwanted stuffs which they do not use any more or is not of use for them.

White Willy gives you a nice platform to you, which you can use to exchange your goods or items with others, you can swap your those items which you don’t need with those you are in need of. To swap your product you need to do is just post your item on the web site.

If anyone like your item then he/ she can offer their products to you can then you can select with whom you wanna exchange your product, then you 2 can contact and you will needs to pay shipment charge to deliver your product and other person will pay charges to ship his/ her product to you.


You can trade for things that you dont want only to trade them for the items you do want. All this happens effortlessly and without much thought on your part.You can post items for 1 system credit, when you join web site you will get enough credit, so you will be able to make so many transactions using those credit.

So in total you are going to use barter system as you will exchange goods in place of goods. Multiple swapping is easy and saves time and gets you the good stuff. Get exactly what you want without money, and never get ripped off on shipping! Get rid of items you no longer want or need.

You can take a look at the video below to know more :-


Visit Site :- White Willy

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