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August 28, 2010

Experience Social Shopping with

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Web 2.0 has given an altogether new meaning to “Sharing”. Have you ever wondered where all your friends are splurging their money and where do they get those most-envied material possessions from? Think no more, as Blippy is a social buying website which encourages people to share their shopping spree details with the world!!

Blippy is a fun website where frequent shoppers can post and follow their friends’ and even strangers’ recent purchases. The shopping binges mentioned can range from a few dollars spent at a local dining restaurant to a fortune spent on buying a piece-of-art piano!!

The site is based on “Open Sharing Model” where the users share their credit card transactions as and when they make them. The details include the place you made the purchase from, the amount, and in some cases, the item as well. All this information is placed in a social stream where other users can comment on and “like” the various items which have been shopper’s delight or the most “in” thing of the season.

Here is a little trivia on this site. Blippy is a relatively new-entrant in the social media sharing circuit. It was founded by Stanford graduates Ashvin Kumar and Chris Estereich in December 2009 and became an instant hit amongst the people.

On the flip side, there are some potential threats in using such social buying sites which sometimes reveal confidential information much to the discomfort of the users. The site earned a lot of flak sometime in the past when four users’ full credit card numbers was exposed to the public as site allowed Google to index transaction details. Though the site owners have been claiming it as “safe” website, we leave it to our readers to decide “how much information is too much”.

All in all, a fun, social website which should be used with caution!


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"Automatically share your favorite purchases from iTunes,Amazon,Zappos,Visa,MasterCard and more."

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Shop socially like never before and learn about what people are buying and reviews on the worthiness of those items.

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