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May 8, 2010

Extract Text From An Image For Free With

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Whenever there is a need for a particular text from a certain image, we normally have to type in the whole text. Not any more, with, a newly launched online tool, we can actually upload the image to their server and extract text from the image itself. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, which is a software that enables the user to extract text from an image by simply uploading the image. This OCR software helps in extracting the text from an image and converts it into editable form.

The newly launched web site is completely free to use for any user in any part of the world. There are no sign-ups required, however, there is a certain limit for the number of image uploads (only 10 image uploads per hour). The software supports any of the following image formats; JPG, GIF, TIFF BMP or PDF (only first page). There are also limitations while using the free online tool; the image uploaded should be below 2 MB and/or not higher than 5000 pixels. There is also an option for multi-lingual text support, so you can extract text in different languages such as, Czech, Latvia, Bulgarian, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Sernbian, Slovak, Greek etc.

Key Features

  • Site is free to use
  • No sign-ups required
  • Extract text from an image in different file formats like JPG, GIF etc.
  • Extract text in different languages
  • No registration required
  • Size of image uploaded should not be more than 2 MB and/or higher than 5000 pixels
  • Limit of 10 image uploads per hour

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About is a free online tool which will help the user to extract text from an image. The web site is very easy to use and user-friendly as the user just needs to upload the image. It supports file formats like JPG, GIF etc. The problem is that there is a limit for uploading number of images ( Only 10 image uploads per hour)

How is free-ocr helpful?

It helps the user to upload images to their server and instantly extract text from the image uploaded. The text is extracted in the editable form. Also, the text can extracted in many languages other than English such as Spanish, Italian, French, German, Greek, Bulgarian etc.

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  1. I think this is a pretty good article which describes the differences between the leading OCR software

    Comment by Nina — May 10, 2010 @ 3:09 pm

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