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January 10, 2010 – Another Free Online URL Shortening Tool

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The Web is an interminable information space and URLs(Uniform Resource Locaters)/URIs(Identifier) are the points in that space. Human beings tend to manipulate, imagine and find their way in such a space using their mental machinery.

Now, URLs are  indispensable part of the web-search because are short strings that identify resources in the web: documents, images, downloadable files,and many other resources. They make resources available under a variety of naming schemes and access methods such as HTTP, FTP, and Internet mail addressable in the same simple way. They reduce the tedium of “log in to this server, then issue this magic command …” down to a single click.

These URls often tend to be long as they contain a great deal of information including the scheme, network location, and parts of the url-path. To shorten the long URLs is the task of ezze. Making the web surfing easier to everyone is the main purpose of this web service.

How To Use ezze ?

All you need to do is to type the original URL in a specified box and then click on “Shorten” option, that’s all and your URL will be shortened as you like it to be.

This tool is worth giving a try.

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“ezze” is an URL shortening tool, based on open source php tools.

How Is Useful?

The main purpose of this web service is to make the web surfing easier to everyone.

How is different compared to similar websites?

Here you can Choose the suffix part of the shortened URL.

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